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The Undefendable, Reprehensible, Unbelievable Psyguy

For all my readers, I would like to inform you in advance that this is a serious post.  This is not a positive one about a game I like or anything of the sort.  This is an editorial of something that needs addressing, and it is quite dark.  If you're looking for the silliness, you may want to go read the Diary of Frank West.

Not long ago, Bryon Beaubien, also known as Psyguy, the webmaster of the rather-known website, had a great many "allegations" pile up on him in a short amount of time, and boy what allegations they are.

The short version is this: essentially Beaubien has abused his influence and semi-fame to manipulate underage (15 or so, usually) girls and abuse them, both emotionally and sexually, seeing them as little more than objects to be used as he did the same to others behind their backs, goaded them into perverse activities and took advantage of them on the whole.  All of this started (as far as I can tell) while he was in his early to mid-twenties, if I recall correctly.  Methinks Beaubien plays Senran Kagura for completely different reasons from mine.

Wow Psy, he's smarter than you!

And it seems as though he has pulled shit like this for over 15 years!  15 years of picking up girls online, treating them like trash, manipulating them to do what he wanted and destroying their lives over and over again!  He only got away with it for that long because he kept them quiet with constant threats, be it death threats, threats of lying about them, threats of information, legal threats, or threats to their friends and families.  That was only if he didn't belittle them by preying on their sense of self-worth or lie to family members or some such nonsense to keep things under wraps.  The lows he would sink to is amazing.

After someone finally came out about how much of a heartless monster he is recently, everyone else he's abused came out too, each with their own stories to tell, some of which are incredibly long and detailed histories so disturbing I don't feel comfortable repeating them here.

For a more extended detailing (which even then is just the cliffnotes version), I refer you to the Psyguy abuse masterpost, a truly damning page of what he's done, quotes referring to what he's done, and a link to each of the stories they're from.  But to summarize, this comic made by one of the victims is a pretty good overall description.  There are at least a couple dozen different people who all testify that Bryon Beaubien is, for lack of a better term, evil.  I don't even use that word in the cartoonish way it usually is.  I am dead serious.

And to all his fans out there still defending him, believe me, I didn't want to believe it either.  I've always been a fan of his.  I even said GG Guys was my favorite webcomic in my Skullgirls post.  I still stand by that statement, because it is, but the person who wrote it (and the artist Dave himself, but I won't get into that) is an entirely different matter.
I admit, I never knew Beaubien personally.  I didn't even follow him on Twitter for very long before he blocked me for offering to explain the plot of Dead or Alive 5.  However, I was in denial that a person I at least somewhat kind of liked for a decade was... Well, evil.  That was before I actually took a look at all the allegations and figured that all this being a set-up is incredibly doubtful.
For one, these are mostly posts from people who have been around and are known to have a history with him, not random people or new users on the websites these are being posted on.
For another, if this were some kind of smear campaign, it probably wouldn't be worth the trouble with the detail they all go into.
It helps that the majority, if not all, of this has been confirmed by multiple people, including Tara Welker, whom I've casually followed over the years and genuinely respect (look it up, Bryon) enough to trust.
Finally, and most telling of all, everything I have read in all of the stories line up, not just in that each one is consistent with each other when looking at the overall timeline, but there are unusual occurences that seem to be explained.  Many other fans seem to have pointed these out as well.

One of the biggest points you should pay attention to is in Liz's story, where she explains that Beaubien was never really in any financial trouble and he just tried to get people to donate to Fireball20xl for his own gain.
For those who haven't been with the site for a decade, Fireball20xl used to have a donation meter near the top right corner of the screen, and was supposed to indicate how much was needed in order for Psy and the site to make ends meet.  I always found it suspicious how the meter would be filled somewhere between 40-60% and then full at the last minute, implying that somebody donated hundreds or thousands of dollars.  It's almost as if he donated the remaining money to it himself so that no one would be suspicious of the site staying up. For over a decade.  After Liz's story and Tara backing her up, I firmly believe this, which highlights something said by another one of Bryon's associates, whose overall story can be summed up into one sentence:

"Bryon Beaubien is the most self-centered, manipulative, predatory, rage-filled, entitled, spoiled narcissist I have ever met in my time on this earth."

He doesn't care about the fans and doesn't care about you!  Only himself!  He outright tricked fans out of their money for no other reason than to line his own pockets, presumably to victimize more innocent people!  If you truly want to continue defending this monster, you are a bigger fool than I was.

But the nail on the coffin, the final bit from this shit stain that truly and thoroughly convinced me that everything that was said is true is his "apology" post, which he posted just before getting rid of most of his social media and the entirety of Fireball20XL.

To paraphrase, he said "I'm sorry if I offended anyone, I never sexually touched a minor."

Wow.  With that, he essentially addressed nothing, and according to some stories, even that's a lie!

All he did was probably do what his lawyer told him because he knows that he is in for one of the biggest shit storms of his life!  In fact, he probably took his sites down to remove any incriminating evidence!  Too late for that though, since things said in his podcast series Wha-Chow have been shown to coincide with the stories.

Tara's response could not be more amazing or proper!

このばけもの! ゆるせないよ!
Liz's is pretty good too, if not better.

And as if he couldn't be any more of a fucking disgrace after that, I later learned that Beaubien attempted to hide his crimes just like he always has!  For one, he flagged a video for copyright infringement for something that was basically nothing but an interview with one of the abused girls.  For another, he used Facebook to contact the father of the guy who rightfully provided the italicized and underlined quote above to try and get it taken down.  He's not taking responsibility, he's not taking other people into consideration!  He is trying to get out of half a lifetime of crime and abuse through every non-public way he can, even if that means hurting others!




This is the shit you see on TV shows, people.  This is the guy you see on a drama show who is so evil and hateful that you have a hard time believing anyone like that could possibly exist.  Well he does.  Knowing that much of his material is built on other people lives and his own lies makes me sick now.

Fans, don't try to defend him.  There is no defending him.  I would call him trash, but that might be more of a compliment.  He is the lowest, most despicable, shit-spewing sociopathic blight on humankind you could ever imagine, and he does not deserve your sentiment or support!

Thankfully though, he doesn't seem to be getting a whole lot of it, and hopefully the few people who still are will see the truth.  His site is down, and since the domain name is still up, it might still make a return, but I highly doubt he will ever recover from this.  Good fucking riddance!

It's kind of ironic, isn't it Mr. Beaubien?  Your popularity and presence has made you a familiar target, and many of the girls we've come to know and love thanks to your introducing us to them have (finally) turned on you along with their fans.  Your fans, whom you betrayed and lied to, are dwindling.  All the evil you've done for the last decade and a half has been unleashed upon you in one enormous explosion of hatred and truth all singled in on you (and Dave).  There's practically a manhunt out for you now.  At one point I even expressed fear that you might kill yourself.  But now I don't care.  You were funny, but I guess you've fulfilled your purpose and we can just toss you out of our lives, because people are expendable things to be used for our own entertainment, right?

It's a good thing I never donated to your scam.  Maybe I can put that money toward some kind of fund that will help put you in the slammer where you belong.  I want to contribute to your victims in any way I can if it means getting rid of you, and if I ever see you in person at a convention or something, I am going to call you out like one of the body snatchers and probably join in when practically half the people within earshot come to beat you to a pulp or drive you out.  I do hope you truly cancelled all your con appearances, otherwise you're going to need a mask.  And a voice changer.  And body armor.  And maybe a metal codpiece for when people groin-kick you before screaming "Wha-Chow!"

If there's anything positive I'm getting out of this whole tragedy you caused, it's that I feel better about myself.  It's like you're on the Steve Wilkos show.  Sure I'm 23 and never moved out, but you're in your thirties and neither have you.  Now I laugh at you, not your material.  I laugh at your utter destruction, your pain, and especially the positively pathetic excuses you keep piling on to try in vain to justify/brush off your bullshit!  People's despair is so much funnier when they aren't happening to you, aren't they!

And by the way, DOA 5 is about Kasumi's search for her missing clone Alpha 152, who disappeared after Helena self-destructed the DOATEC base in the previous game.

Tell Nixon I said hi once you're in hell.  In the meantime, why don't you have a seat over there?

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