Thursday, June 12, 2014

Street Fighter X Tekken Minimate Fun

Some time ago the Toys R Us I work at had some Street Fighter X Tekken Minimates on clearance.  Being the fighting game fanatic I am, I bought some of the little posable dudes for about $2 a pack (quite a bargain considering what they go for online).  Some of them were even Toys R Us Exclusive.

Tragically, we didn't have Rufus.

Their little size and posability gave me an idea.  I could have them interact with Nintendo's own cutesy little creations, the Miis!  With the Nintendo 3DS' Augmented Reality, I did just that and started posting pictures of Miis of various people I follow on Twitter with the Minimates.  For those of you who don't follow me on Twitter or don't even have a Twitter account, I'm making this post to put them all in one place.  I hope you like them.

Chris Hoffman made fun of Hugo's favorite Sonic character!  Noah Antweiler made fun of Heihachi's hair!  Now it's personal.
But oh no!  They aren't ultra-powerful super beings!  Run!
Ken Masters and Steve Fox brofist before looking for someone to fight [Justin Cheng & Cody Martin].
But the two former NP writers have Tingle on their side, who uses his kooloo limpah magic to turn into a giant!
But he's still a wimp.
Brentalfloss does not want a hug from Zangief.
It's Ryu!  It's Ryu!  Is Bear [Kyle Hebert]!
Brentalfloss, Kyle Hebert, Craig Marduk and Sagat join forces to be the most badass team of bald dudes!
Brutalmoose said that his favorite Tekken character is King because he would like to pet him.  King, as it turns out, does not appreciate being petted.
But Jonathan Holmes comes in to tell them that he's the real King!

Everyone loves Emily Rogers.
And they want Matthew Taranto.
"Let's have a go ye [Tony] Ponce!"

I ran out of figures for the Nintendo Force staff, so I let Chris Carter play with Heihachi.  Have fuuuuuuun.
The Nintendo Force staff gave out their Mii QR codes so that they could be put in Tomodachi life, but I found a much better way to use them.

To finish off this post, I give you my newest pic.  Most of the Miis are of fictional characters, but a few are of real people.  See if you can tell who they are!

"Keep dancing or I will break your spines!"

The Skullgirls post should be coming soon.

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