Monday, January 21, 2013

Ore no atarashi manga da!

Remember when I found that kickass, rare, colored Fist of the North Star manga volume at a used book store?  Well, I went back there today, and found another rare piece of awesome I didn't know existed.

Indeed, there is a full-colored King of Fighters manga that retells The King of Fighters 2003.  I was aware they had a prequel manga for King of Fighters 96, but that wasn't released in America, to my knowledge.  It's a shocker, to say the least.  It's almost like that time I found my Viewtiful Joe figures.

Admittedly, the artwork isn't the best, as some lining is jagged and many faces look the same, but I do like the writing.  It plays around with the characters and expands on a few things; kind of like good fanfiction.  You can expect me to reference it at least once after I get to 2003 in my retrospective, but that's quite a ways away.

'99's will be up soon.

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