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KOF Finales: '99

I have my work cut out for me again.  I already posted about King of Fighters 99’s finale.  Like ‘97’s though, I didn’t go into the ending due to rage quitting.  Since writing that post, I have been able to beat Krizalid, which means I can confirm how the game ends.  Before that though, there are some details I left out:

*I said the team members you lost stay lost, which is true, but anyone left has their health and striker stocks restored for the second fight.  That means if you can beat Krizalid’s first form with only one character, the second fight is as if the first never happened.
*You CAN jump over the tornado kick, but it’s tricky, as you need to dash for only a quick second and then make a long jump over to where he is, and hope he doesn’t grab you with his overhead kick (how does he not dislocate his leg doing that?)
*He has way too many invincibility frames.  If Krizalid is in the middle of an attack, yours go right through him, even if they clearly connect.
That is f*&!<ing cheating!

After playing for hours on the same fight, flipping off the screen and yelling like the Angry German Kid, you might get lucky and barely defeat Krizalid if you play at the lowest level on a version with selectable difficulty.

After winning, a voice on the intercom, Krizalid’s superior, tells him that he has failed, and that the operation will be terminated.
How exactly did he fail?  Did we not give him enough killer instinct?  Maybe what he really needed was mortal kombat.

I'm getting Bloodwings flashbacks.

He probably still could’ve used those clones for something else.  This whole plan is really confusing.

Your participation lanyard is in the lobby.

Oh, don't look at me like that.

Should be a meme.
With that, the stadium starts collapsing.
It is at this point one of two things can happen.

Throughout the game, players may have noticed the battle ability counter that goes up after winning a match and down after having to continue.  This is where those points come into play.

If you are playing with one of the specific teams and have at least 200 points, but less than 280, Iori Yagami shows up, and the mysterious voice tells Iori that he will find Kyo if he fights your team.  Iori seems to forget that the place is collapsing around us and that we should get the f%&$# out of dodge.  I guess he’s really confident in the architects

After beating him (which isn’t hard, as he’s barely any different from before), the villain reveals he had his fingers crossed.  Quite the gullible one, that Iori.

If you have 280 points or more…..

Kyo shows up instead in a snazzy new outfit, and the voice promises to answer his questions if he fights your team.  It’s rather unsettling how quickly Kyo agrees to that.  Iori is violent, so I can understand him not caring about hurting a few people, but Kyo?  I know he’s competitive and likes to fight, but him simply believing someone who is clearly a villain is a stretch.  Also, again, this place is collapsing!  Have some common sense!

Kyo has an altered moveset and new special attacks, but is otherwise much like previous appearances.  If you beat Krizalid, he’s not a threat.

People who fight Ralf are referred to counseling for suicide attempts.

After the fight, Kyo asks the voice why they’re draining the power of other fighters.  I believe he is referring to the same fighting energy used to awaken Orochi in ‘97.

Well, at least he answered this time.

 He is, of course, referring to both the Kyo clones and the people they gave Kyo’s DNA to, like K’.

Tragically, there is no way in hell you will get to fight Kyo or Iori.  Krizalid will reduce your battle points to zero by the time you’ve finally won.  Since that’s less than 200, neither appear, and your team simply runs out of the collapsing base.

And they live happily ever after.

Or do they?!

Krizalid is much like Goenitz in that he’s a messenger of things to come.  It’s only one plot point in an overarching story, but it’s still self-contained with its conflict and resolution of the Kyo clones plot.
As I stated before, the clone idea was somewhat asinine, but they came up with a much better threat in the game to follow: King of Fighters 2000.

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  1. Just saying, even though this is a decade-old game, this made me lol. Nice catch!!