Wednesday, October 7, 2015

An Ode to Bryon Beaubien & Bitpolargame Warning

Some readers may remember my very out-of-place post last year about Bryon Beaubien and his long decade of abuse, pedophilia, fraud and many many many other things.  Those who haven't been following certain people might be wondering what ever happened to him.  Well, despite spitting in the face of all merciful acts allowing him to redeem himself and never once apologizing or atoning in any way, Beaubien still attempts to garner attention under a new name on Youtube called "Bitpolargame" in order to try and avoid the titanic mountain of evidence his previous screen name entails when you search for it on Google.
Of course, at the time of this writing, when you search his real name the first search results are an unflattering Encyclopedia Dramatica page, my very own post on him and a video titled "Bryon Beaubien is an Abusive Pedophile."  That's quite telling.

Even with his new name Beaubien has done everything he can to silence, and very inconsistently lie about, his victims, as well as promote himself and attempt to ride the coattails of other, better, more popular people constantly.  I'm not going to act like I don't like to try and get the attention of somewhat famous people, but I honestly do it out of genuine admiration.  Given how Beaubien does it as often as he possibly can, it's obvious he just wants attention, and since his content is shit anyway, it's not attracting anyone outside of other misogynists and abuse apologists.  He needed to abuse and scam artists to get anywhere.  Now he has nothing.  His attempt at garnering attention as Bitpolargame is the equivalent of a dancing jackass on a busy street.  Anyone who doesn't drive by and ignore him recognizes him and either flips him off or attempts to hit him with their door.
The most he can hope for is the "popularity" of someone like Darksydephil, but we don't need another one of him and Beaubien is even worse anyway.

His silencing tactics include making thinly-veiled sockpuppet accounts, gaslighting (as he's always done), threatening legal action he has no basis for and having the post his evidence was aggregated on removed under false claims, much like he attempted with a video all about him.  Don't worry though, you can still read the archived version and a new one with updated information is apparently in the works. [Update: A collection of some of the testimonies on both Beaubien and his criminal friend Dave Smith can be found here.]

And in spite of every decent person and their sister despising him, Beaubien/Bitpolargame still asks people for money despite not needing it, still abuses others and still actively attempts pedophilia, which he has shown to acknowledge he is doing and that it is illegal!

It almost feels just a little trivial singling out Beaubien like this when a lot of people around him are just as deserving of hate; Dave Smith contributes to the abuse, had his family attack his victim and is a pedophile himself.  Fred Wood is a con artist who continues to support Beaubien, tried to silence his victims and, from what I've been told, still sells his merchandise.  Martin Billany, much like them, has also firmly established that he is perfectly ok with abuse and pedophilia as long as he gets what he wants.  Lest we forget Chris Niosi too, who's just as much of a selfish, abusive fuck.

But Beaubien is a very special kind of person.  He goes beyond being a toxic gas cloud that needs to be shunned and avoided at all costs.  He is so much more.  I don't think I have once in my life witnessed such a childish, hateful, conniving, spoiled twat, and given the kind of shit on the news, that's saying a lot.

Such a special person deserves his own post.  One dedicated to his long history and adequately describes just what he is.  To that end, I have compiled a list of interesting facts about Bryon Beaubien that you probably didn't know:
  • The virus in the Cabin Fever movies is sometimes nicknamed the Beaubien virus due to its similar effect.
  • Beaubien is an icon.  Other sociopaths can only dream of being as vile as he is without murdering anyone.
  • If anyone ever gives enough of a shit to make a documentary of Beaubien's life it will be titled Chapter Black.
  • Beaubien has two settings: fuckwad and criminal.  He has no stop setting.
  • When parents need a real life example of what a "bad man" is to their kids, one that embodies every single stereotype imaginable, they describe Beaubien.
  • When Hitler doesn't quite fit the situation, Beaubien is used as a comparison.
  • When writers need an idea of what a "loser" character is, they use Beaubien for reference.  Him or Christian Chandler.
  • Given his disregard for human life, manipulative behavior and (literal) need to make people hate him, some people believe that the character Terumi of Blazblue might be based off of Beaubien.  This is untrue, as Terumi is nicer (and smarter).  Beaubien inspired Randall Tugman.
  • God and the Devil both have ethereal tennis raquets hanging up for they day they will need to decide who will have to keep Beaubien.  I question the legitimacy of this one, as there would need to be something to hit.
  • Beaubien's favorite Denis Leary song is easy to guess, as he recites it often without knowing it and without singing.
  • When out in public people instinctively attempt to throw Beaubien into trash cans.
  • When hospitalized, doctors give Beaubien IV packs of hydroflouric acid, because it works.
  • The most relatable game Beaubien has ever played is the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde game for the NES.
  • Beaubien believes the movie Big Fat Liar is a tragic drama film about a thoroughly abused man played by Paul Giamatti.  He thinks similarly of the main character of the movie Shattered Glass (which is honestly a great movie you should watch).
  • In every game with a morality system that Beaubien plays, the morality scale starts on the farthest side of the dark end and continues down it regardless of any programmed limit.  This is not a glitch.
  • Every time Beaubien attempts to play the game Hungry Pumkin, the titular Pumkin, upon being seated, immediately backpedals out the door and says "I don't want that."  This is not a glitch either.
  • Beaubien's feces is believed to be mutagenic, which is plausible considering it's excreted from the opposite end of where it does in most humans.
  • Anytime Beaubien rolls for holy spells in tabletop RPGs, he gets perfect zeroes, even when zeroes are not printed on the dice.
  • The followers list for the Bitpolargames Twitter account is a convenient list of who's trash to block ahead of time.
  • When given a choice of meeting Beaubien in person and getting kicked in the stomach with a steel toed boot, it takes no time at all for most people to choose the boot.
  • Beaubien often speaks another language suspiciously similar to English.  His words usually translate to something along the lines of: "Fuck you!  I don't want to be a decent person!  Give me money!  Give me attention!  Everyone is lying except for me!  I'm better than you!  I can do what I want!  No one else matters!  People's tragedies are fucking funny when it doesn't happen to me!  It's all about me me me!"  This is commonly interspersed with the aforementioned Denis Leary song.
  • When directors need someone to cry for a shoot, Beaubien is sometimes called in without being given any context and is shoved out the door after his presence does his only job in life. 
  • When he consumes Aglaophotis, Beaubien vomits himself inside out.  It's kind of incredible to watch.
  • On paper, Beaubien's rap sheet is only a little less than 3 feet tall, and when lawyers touch the stack, their fingers wither and fall off.
  • When Bill Cosby and OJ Simpson saw the evidence and testimony against Beaubien, they said
  • The jury at Beaubien's trial could be composed entirely of NAMBLA advocates and still be a completely unanimous verdict.  By the end it will also be unanimously decided that their time is being wasted.
  • Beaubien's last word before the gavel slams down on his guilty verdict will be "allegations."

Bryon Beaubien is just as much of a thoroughly evil (yes, I still mean that) individual as he has always been and has only further proven himself to be exactly what everyone claims.  He'll try to brush aside accusations, blame "tumblr rumors", make shit up that constantly changes and do whatever it takes to plug his ears and run away yelling instead of taking any responsibility for his actions, much like the aforementioned Billamy, Smith and Wood.  These are not the actions of anyone who wants to be a decent person, so don't treat them as such.

Do not support Bitpolar.  Do not give him your money, do not give him your attention, warn anyone about him when necessary and whatever you do, never associate yourself with him or anyone who chooses to themselves!  Bryon Beaubien needs to grow up or fuck off.  Forever.  He won't, of course.  Continue to dance in the street, crazy shit stain.  You're proving the facts further with every passing minute.

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