Thursday, February 28, 2013

Harvest Moon=Madworld

After beating Lego Batman 2, I have recently shifted my gaming focus to two Wii games: Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and Madworld.


At first glance, one might say that the two are absolutely nothing like each other in any way, shape, or form whatsoever.  After playing both, however, I have begun to notice distinct similarities.

This should fetch me some good money.
This should fetch me some good points.

Awwww.  She gave him a gift.
Awwww.  He "gave" him a gift.
Yum.  Cake.
Yum.  Ninja.
I can grind peppers here.
I can grind jerks here.
She's good with that axe.
He's good with that chainsaw.

Pretty nasty!

A nice, cheerful fairy here to help me restore the land.
A nice cheerful European here to help me horribly murder other players.
No matter who dies, someone will mourn.

Haaaaaa ha ha ha ha!

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